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PADOT will be closing New Galena Road between Trewigtown and Barclay Roads on next Wednesday, December 7, 2016, to replace a culvert.

The detour route will be New Galena to Trewigtown to New Britain Boulevard.

DEP Acting Secretary Patrick McDonnell, on behalf of Governor Tom Wolf, announced revised drough declarations on November 3, 2016.

A Drought Watch has been issued in Bucks County

To view the complete Drought Declaration from DEP CLICK HERE.

At their Regular Meeting of July 27, 2016, bids were opened by New Britain Township for construction of Phase One of Veterans Park, located at New Galena and Walters Roads in New Britain Township. The Board of Supervisors awarded the construction bid to Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc. for $298,118.88. Total estimated Project cost is $375,200.00. Construction of Phase One began August 16 and should be completed by the end of October 2016.

Over the last several years, New Britain Township’s Veterans Committee has been working on a park design for the facility, which will honor all Veterans who served or are presently serving in the United States Armed Forces.Veterans Park will include an ADA-accessible walking trail, a gazebo, a memorial monument and flag pole, a small tot lot play structure, parking lot and other elements where veterans and their families can join together to honor those who have served in the past, as well as those on active duty today. The overall design will incorporate natural habitats and will preserve the active farming that is presently performed on the land.

For additional information on Veterans Park and the Veterans Committee visit our page by Clicking Here

Need to report a power outage or check the status of a power outage? Visit PECO's Power Outage Map by Clicking Here

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. To recognize, thank and honor United States military veterans who served during the Vietnam War era, regardless of station location, Representative Katharine Watson, Legislative District 144, and Senator Charles McIlhinney, Senatorial District 10, would like to invite those veterans to a commemorative ceremony on Thursday, November 10, 2016. The event will be held at Byers' Choice starting at 6:30 p.m.

This national commemoration was authorized by Congress, established under the Secretary of Defense, and launched by the President in 2007. The Secretary of Defense is partnering with local leaders to conduct these programs on behalf of the nation to thank and honor Vietnam Era Veterans who served from November 1, 1955 to May 15, 1975, including personnel who were held as prisoners of war, listed as missing in action for their service and sacrifice, and to honor families of these veterans. We will also pay tribute to contributions made on the home front during the Vietnam War. According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, 9 million Americans served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces during the period of the Vietnam War and approximately 7 million are living today.

Exclusive Vietnam Veteran lapel pins will be formally presented to each veteran in a dignified ceremony during the commemorative event to recognize United States military veterans of the Vietnam War era with a lasting memento of our nation's thanks.

We are honored to announce that David A. Christian will be the keynote speaker. Mr. Christian was active in the United States Army as a sergeant, lieutenant and captain during the Vietnam War and is a member of the veterans, military, political and law enforcement communities. As a lieutenant in South Vietnam, he was wounded in action seven times and awarded several medals including the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism. He now leads the way in securing the best in legislation, benefits, business and political meetings through his consulting agency. He is also a veterans and military benefit activist; expert consultant to ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN; and presently is employed as a consultant with Fox News Network. He has worked as contributing expert on hundreds of radio, television and print media experiences as well as numerous historic TV documentaries.

Musical arrangements will be provided by the Veterans Association of Military Musicians (VAMM). An organization of retired, active and reserve military musicians performing musical ensembles featuring flutes, oboes, bassoons, alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, baritone saxophones, French horns, clarinets, bass clarinets, trumpets, trombones, euphoniums, tubas, percussions and string bands.

To ensure all Vietnam Veterans residing in the 144th District are recognized for their bravery and sacrifice, we ask you to share this information with friends and family members who have served.

Please register for the event by contacting Representative Watson's Warrington office at 215-343-8090 or register online at - click on the Vietnam Veteran link and complete the online registration form.

The 2016 Paving Project will begin in New Britain Township the week of August 15th.

Streets being milled and paved include Tower Hill Road, Kathryn Road, Ashley Drive, Mallard Drive, Woodmount Drive and Teresa Lane.

The 2016 Paving contract was awarded to Bray Brothers at Board of Supervisors Meeting held on May 16, 2016

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identifies the contaminants to regulate in our drinking water, and they set regulatory limits for amounts of certain contaminants. Aqua uses the EPA’s maximum contaminant levels to ensure water quality.

There are some contaminants for which the EPA develops health advisories that do not have set regulatory limits. The health advisories provide technical information on health effects. PFOA and PFOS are included in those contaminants that have no regulatory limit but are associated with a health advisory. These chemicals are among a family of manmade chemicals that have been used for decades as an ingredient to make products that resist heat, oil, stains, grease and water, and in products for firefighting at airfields. They are extremely resistant to breaking down in the environment.

In 2009, EPA published provisional health advisories for PFOA and PFOS. At the time they were established, these advisories were as follows: PFOS: 200 parts per trillion and PFOA: 400 parts per trillion. In May 2016, EPA replaced the 2009 provisional advisories with new, lifetime health advisories that combined the two chemicals and set a 70 parts per trillion health advisory level for both.

What has happened recently?
Over the past 3 months, Aqua Pennsylvania has begun to receive laboratory results for PFOA and PFOS. Samples were collected from Aqua Pennsylvania water sources in areas in Montgomery and Bucks counties because of the recent developments with the groundwater contamination from PFOA and PFOS originating from nearby military bases in our region.

Late this week, Aqua received test results that included three Chalfont wells, two of which are well below the health advisory limit of 70 parts per trillion (results were 9.6 and 24), and one that is nearing the limit, at 68, from the sample we took. As a precautionary measure, Aqua is taking the following steps:
1. On Friday, July 15, Aqua resampled the well to verify the results

2. Aqua also shut down the well and will only use it as a back-up. This is mainly to ensure firefighters have sufficient water supply to ensure public safety in Chalfont. This is a temporary step.

3. To ensure a safe water supply in the borough in the interim, Aqua will run an interconnect with another water supply that they will ensure is within health advisory limits. Once that fix is in place, which is expected to happen next week, Aqua will shut down the well.

These steps are consistent with Aqua’s commitment to water quality for all our customers.

For more information on PFOA and PFOS, please visit EPA's Website EPA's Website

Residents can reach Aqua with any quesitons by calling #1-877-987-2782.

Please note this is NOT a Forest Park, North Wales Water or North Penn Water issue. The water from Forest Park has been tested over 7 times since 2014 when this first came under the spotlight, and their results have always come back clean and below any detection level.
Since November 2001, Bucks County has been providing transportation to our Veterans to VA Hospitals in Philadelphia and Coatesville. The Transportation Program is overseen by the Bucks County Department of Veterans Afairs and has carried over 11,000 Veterans FREE of charge. The bus runs 5 days a week coveraing all of Bucks County.
The program is unique because it is not a taxpayer funded program, but rather depends on donations and an annual golf outing. In addition the VA Hospital in Coatesville pays for all maintenance, fuel, and Insurance.
For further informatino or to schedule a ride,call Betty at 215-345-3885.
To view the daily schedule CLICK HERE

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VFW Post 3258 is collecting faded, worn and retired flags for their September Flag Retirement Ceremony. A bin to collect these flags is available in the lobby of the New Britain Township Administration Building, 207 Park Avenue. For more information on Flag Disposal click here.

Get local alerts about emergencies, severe weather and road closures on your cell or email. ReadyNotifyPA is a system that helps local officials in Southeastern Pennsylvania send emergency text alerts and other notifications to you quickly. To learn more and sign up

The Bucks County Emergency Management Agency, in partnership with the Bucks County Health Department and County Commissioners, introduced the Bucks County Special Needs Registry for indivicuals who would require assistance during an emergency.

The Special needs Registry is free, voluntary and a strictly confidential program. It is designed to help those who have difficulty during an evacuation due to physical or cognitive limitations, language barriers, or lack of transportation. The BC EMA will assist First Responders with making the best use of limited time and resources to help those with no other options for evacuation during an emergency.

Residents (or caregivers on their behalf) may register electronically by accessing

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