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General Information - Trees

New Britain Township

Important planting tip: Properly planted trees will grow twice as fast and live at least twice as long as one improperly planted. If you plant a tree high, the tree won't die. But if you plant a tree low the tree won't grow.

When is the best time to plant a tree?

Planting times vary depending on the species, but they typically fall between Sept. and Oct. for trees and shrubs.

Where is the best place to plant a tree?

Properly placed trees can act as a temperature buffer for buildings, thus lowering heating and cooling costs by up to as much as 25%. Trees on the north and western sides of buildings will block cold winter winds, while trees on the eastern and southern side will provide shade from hot summer sun.

How much care and attention will it receive? Why do you want to plant the tree?

Create a sense of place, modify the climate, reduce noise, provide screening, reduce erosion, provide food for wildlife, celebrate an event, etc.

The Site:

What is the current site use? Are there any legal restrictions? How much space is there for the roots and crown of the tree? Did you call "PA One-call" (1-800-242-1776) and check for overhead obstructions/wires? Have you checked the soil structure and texture? Is there any soil? Have you checked the soil fertility? Does the site receive a lot of winter salt or other pollutants? How is the drainage? How much direct or reflected light is there? How windy is the site? How much will the temperatures vary? Is this site really suitable to plant a tree?

The Tree:

Size-mature size is extremely important! Shape-upright, vase, conical, spreading, rounded, weeping. Features- fall color, flowers, fruit, bark color & texture, thorns, etc. Leaf Color-green, red, blue, yellow. Stress Tolerance-match the tree to the site. Disease Resistance-beware of planting all the same species.

Invasive Plants

CLICK HERE for a list of invasive plants from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. For more information and additional resources, please CLICK HERE.


Arbor Day Foundation

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